Help your IMMUNE SYSTEM to help You

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  • Replace amalgam fillings if You can.

  • Create a supportive nurturing environment for yourself. Throw out anything that does not build you up.

  • Drink good clean water.
    Spring. Solar. Crystal charged, filtered.....etc, whatever you have access to.

  • Get daily portion of sunlight.

  • Experiment with fasting, there are many ways to give your body time to reset.

  • Try contrast showers, they are fun & energy boosting.

  • Replace processed, packaged, dead food substances with fresh plant-based organic produce as much as You can. Eat as much raw as it feels comfortable for you.
    Nature will take care of your immunity like no factory ever could.

  • Go on a soft cleanse - fresh fruits & juices, short water fast. If you never did anti-parasite cleanse, You might consider one.
    Be gentle & patient with yourself.

  • Start moving your BODY more. Sweat often.
    Infra red sauna &/or re-bounder are wise investments for those who are health orientated.

  • Get massages & salt baths.

  • Spend time creating. It boosts immunity, increases energy & calms the mind.

  • Learn to LAUGH things off. Don't take yourself so damn serious..

  • Bring healing herbs, teas, spices & super foods into your kitchen.
    Turrneric. Aloe Vera. Spirulina to mention just a few Natures doctors here.


  • Eat berries, lots of GREENS.

  • Add fresh sprouts to your smoothies.

  • Learn how to prepare your own food that nurture Your state of WELL-BEING.

  • Treat your kitchen as your personal HEALTH LAB.
    Food Industry is not a lab to trust with your HEALTH....especially now.

  • Turn to NATURE as much as it is humanly possible for you.

  • Do breathing exercises to strengthen your personal energy field.

  • Learn to respect & love what is called SELF.

Ps. I do not have a medical degree & just have been rebuilding my immunity for decades after it was whacked by vaccines.

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Hello always the natural helps to improve our health, the body requires that we give it love to support everything it has to face. Happiness always