Imagination is the muscle of the SOUL

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Want to do something magical?
Want to activate an alchemist, a miracle maker, a reality shifter/magician/transformer within?
Want to help your SELF and your loved ones through these challenging times? Want to make a difference in the world?

Change your FOCUS and start using your IMAGINATION.

Stop feeding with your FOCUS what You do not want to see realized. That is programming in action.
Disengage from anything that does not resonate with your SOUL.
Get out of a victim mode. Victimhood is a program.

HOLD YOUR FOCUS on what You wish to BE REALIZED.
Engage in your vision, fire it up with your IMAGINATION.
Imagination is the muscle of the SOUL.

This how it works in the Universe -

You want PEACE - hold your focus on peace. Think about it, talk about it, inspire it and spread it.
You want miracle - hold your focus on miracles. Study them, read about them, talk about them, imagine them, create them, expect them.
Want HEALTH - hold your focus on HEALTH. Study it, talk about it, create it, envision it, expect it.
Create a vision of whatever it is You desire to create... hold it.... hold it.... hold it., continue to hold it until it magically becomes visible and tangible, realer the real..
That is how You create reality here, the reality of your choice. assuming that You remember that You do have a choice.

If You do not use your FOCUS and IMAGINATION - someone else will use them just fine, just do not be disappointed when what You see out there is something You did not want to see.

You have been granted POWERS beyond your wildest imagination, and it is not the right time to mention that no one showed You how to use them.

You hold all the answers. You hold the KEY.
The Infinite Intelligence lives within You. God is YOU.
You are the One You have been waiting for to come and rescue You.

You are the magician, the miracle maker, You are the reality shifter, the transformer of it all.

The question is -
Are You ready to remember who You are and act like it
You wish to continue the dreaming, allowing someone else to paint reality for You.

extract from < Life From a Cosmic Point of View >
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