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If those who have no fear trigger You - You might have a virus that urgently needs to be addressed. It is far worse then the one You are afraid of now.

Some people went through hell You would not have seen in your worst nightmare.
They lost their rights, their loved ones, their kids, they were hunted & wounded like animals; they were dead sick & betrayed by those they trusted. Their lives & dreams were broken & shattered more then once.
They survived injustice & abuse that would make your eyes as big as the moon if You heard their story.

They have no insurance, no mortgages, and no credit cards....none of the fluff that You take for granted.. Often they don't know where their next meal is coming from.
They have no connection to the system, they live unplugged. The system cannot stand them. And so can't You, it seems.

Everything You still hold on so tightly - they lost already or never had - security & possessions, illusions & attachments, the significance of it all.

These people already danced with fear, they dined with it and made friends with it. Now they are just happy to be ALIVE, to still be here.

All that they have left is this....this HEART that somehow keeps loving, somehow keeps beating with this deep desire for no one to suffer like they did.

And so they shine as bright as the sun, they smile & joke about things that scare You, and so they blind You & trigger You.....so You wake up to the Infinite Spirit, to the eternal SOUL, to the invincible LOVE IN YOU.

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Hi! Did you know that steemit.com is now censoring users and posts based on their opinions?
All the posts of these users are gone!

Here's a list of some banned users:
'roelandp', 'blocktrades', 'anyx', 'ausbitbank', 'gtg', 'themarkymark', 'lukestokes.mhth', 'netuoso', 'innerhive'
See anyone you recognize? There could be more, they also have a remote IP ban list.

Will you be censored next?