Vibrational Value of FOOD

10개월 전


Food has never been just food.
It can kill & heal. It can dumb down & suppress, it can uplift & upgrade.

Food is a vibrational INFORMATION that enters your energy field every time You take a bite.

What you choose to consume influences your ability to THINK, your ability to HEAL, your ability to ADAPT.
Your DNA is responding to everything you allow to enter into your system whether You know it or not.

Your immune defense is influenced by what You ingest to far greater extend that You were allowed to believe.


Pay attention to the VV - Vibrational Value of your food.
Synthetic & dead foods have been altered & mutated, injected & chemically treated for longer shelf life. They are not designed to improve on your state of WELL-BEING.
By introducing these foods to your cells - You do a big favor to the business that profits from your lack of AWARENESS, but You rob your cells /self of LIFE WHOLENESS & HEALTH .

Fresh Whole Plant-based Food that comes from the EARTH is full of LIFE FORCE, it delivers messages of HARMONY to your BEING. It carries light of the Sun & love of the Earth.Those are powerful messages. Colorful fruits & vegetables, all sorts of plants cleanse You, strengthen You. They speak to your DNA, activating the wisdom of your own Body, your original blueprint.
That is how food becomes your medicine and that is how You support your HEALTH.

~ Breathe & Evolve
(Life From a Cosmic Point of View)

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