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The state of your WELL-BEING depends a lot on how You treat your human machine - BODY.

Having a body is similar to having a baby.
You have to take good care of it, nurture it, and make sure that it is safe, well-fed, and attended to, & feeling loved.

How You relate to your physical form determines the way You feel, whether you like it or not.
There are far too many people in a modern world who have no idea how gloriously amazing they can FEEL.

There is a mystery underneath your skin that is beyond words in any language. There is a mini-Universe in there.
There are galaxies in your cells, numbers of systems are operating as if by magic, your HEART is beating tirelessly, your organs are all performing their functions, numerous neurons mysteriously get together to form your visions & your perceptions. It is all for YOU, so you keep breathing, keep thinking, keep talking, keep dreaming, keep living.

Most people begin to appreciate their physical form only when it stops functioning: sickness & disability seem to wake people up to the gift of their BODY like nothing else. it is really not necessary to wait for that rude awakening.

The more LIFE FORCE You allow to flow in to your BODY - the more VIBRANT and ENERGETIC you experience your SELF.
The more love You invest into your "baby" - the stronger it becomes.
It is not anything new, so much has been said and written about it, a lot might change, yet this piece of WISDOM remains the same through all times and spaces.

The sooner you tune into this understanding, into this ancient KNOWLEDGE - the sooner You will become the one in charge of your state of WELL-BEING.


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