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Let's talk about love....

A lot of times we preach it, we advise it and we try to do it but obviously, not everyone believes in it having this conception at heart that it hurts.

Love is a beautiful thing when we allow it to be true but tears the heart apart when we fail to let it lead the directions of our heart desires.

We pray to our maker for love, to live and be loved but of a simple truth, not all who talk about love knows a single thing about it and thats why we will always have a misconception of what it truly means and the right way to practice it.


The Greeks has six (6) words for love and going by the names they bear, each of them has unique different role that it plays from the other. They are not new to us.

The love of sexual passion and desire. This is the most common type that is practiced among singles today, some would mistake it to be love at first sight, love for shape and figure, love for beauty, love for accent, love for intelligence (Sapiosexual) and a lot more. Which ever way that this is presented, it's aim is to get both opposite sex to bed, enjoy the sexual desire and it dies down.

The love of deep loyalty to friends which makes them to stand by each other a d never to betray, deceive or hurt each other. Philia is a rare kind of live owing to ait of circumstances generally contributed by the economic and environmental negative influence. Brother betray brother, friends hurt friends, carefulness and distrust becomes the order of the day. I believe in positivity and still trust that Philia still lives and exists amongst young people.

That love that will make you to choose okay mates and always stick with them irrespective of what time brings nor circumstances. The no sexual feelings or emotional attachment exists.

The love for everyone which is unbiased, hurts not and is built on sacrificing for the betterment of others to live. Agape is mostly preached by religious faithfuls, encouraged for everyone as the one endorsed by the maker.

The love that develops over time. This is the love that is encouraged for couples so as to make their marriage last in other to see their fruitful old ages together without disappoints, divorce or separation. Pragma is an end result of how long a friendship, relationship or marriages had lasted as its mostly seen among the aged who has really spend a lot of times. E together and had see their love develop continuously over time.

Somewhere in the scriptures, one of the ten commandments says "Love your neighbors as you love yourself". That is to say that every human gas self love that is naturally inbuilt into them. We humans deny ourselves a thing and that is expression.

This six classifications and words are of Greek origin.

I am still an amateur in love matters and will be glad to see what you have to say about love in the comments section.


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