Wells hauntd and newlyweds

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wells haunted and newlyweds

the origin of this haunted well the story originated from a girl who forced her parents to marry a man she did not love, then the girl has a self-feeding pillow that he loved but different from the choice of his taunya the girl choose his parents do not vote in the young man's clothing came from an unfortunate family or another term of a divided family in the cause of the youth's parents' scarf, then the girl's parents tried to separate them by enabling the girl with a young man from an honorable family, even sigadis blocking people's requests old but the parents of the girl still insist on marrying the girl with the young man from the honorable circle, in the day will akat marriage took place the families have gathered all stay waiting for the bride ready to shower tiba2 everyone surprised when one of the female family mengatakah things make everyone sad and sad, naive l sweeps the tears of the woman also said that the bride has gone by the way she killed herself threw herself into the well where she took a shower that morning.


after the invention was originally heard the cries of the well from mouth to mukut,
some say in the morning the well came a perfume and there is a story that everyone who bathed in the well will be in dreaming to meet the girl while asking the lover of her beloved that he loved ,,
after the incident his old man left home and land and disappeared somewhere where in because always in haunt the spirit of his son,
even though everyone is afraid of coming to the well but not with me today I have proved that the existence of a haunted well that has been believed by the population sekita not a haunted that in the story I see there is nothing strange in the well all the usual ordinary looks it's just a snow grass that has been around the well, for me it's a natural thing because there is no more cleaning it.

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