Relaxed In Faith!

3년 전

In today's world we see growth of crime in such a high volume. There is no column in the news that has zero crime talk.


Everywhere we see is growing hate towards one another and killing one another. It was better off in the 60's, 70's, 80's that we were productive. When we see such acts we forget our faith and get ourselves fearful. Today too we are depending on our own judgment and taking decisions instead of asking God for his kindness to be upon us and help us through.

God wants to help us. But until we ourselves do not ask for help he cannot help. So instead of fearing the mankind and having faith in our God we can always succeed in life. God is waiting eagerly to hear from you for him to help you. So my friends put all your anxieties on God's shoulder and have faith.

Thank you.

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