To guests and family at my daughter's wedding

2년 전

I am very happy today to have given my daughter to her husband on her wedding day. Daughter, I finally got rid of you, but seriously I will miss you. However, for the most part in this speech, I will talk about myself for two reasons: I got the mike and no one else will be listening after this sentence. For my son in law, if you're listening that is, these will be more guidance for your married life. I did not love your mother when I married her. I'm not sure that I have ever loved her. It was just the most logical thing to do at that time--to marry her. It might be like in that song in "Fiddler on the Roof", "Do you love me?" but with me asking the question "Do I love you?" I've spent thirty(30) years with you, slept with you, etc., so I must love you.

So, my son-in-law and daughter, I heard you're in love with each other, that's why you got married. That must be nice.
As I said a couple of sentences ago, that's not the reason why I married my wife. I wouldn't have fallen in love with her. She was, and still is, a horrible woman. She treated me-- still does --like trash. I married her, and am still married with her, so that I can give a life to you. I gave my life to you. Everyday I'm dying, for you, and for your siblings. I had a chance to have a life. I've fallen in love with various women throughout the years. But so what, what does that "feeling" of love matter? Real love, true love, is a decision. I decide to be with my wife now, Jen, until I die.

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