in the end we became friends

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in love

She was drunk and called me. Asked me if she could step by. She‘s about to leave the bar and would like to see me. I was confused and did not know what to do. Usually I would have no problems with that. The exact opposite, I mean we are together since 3 or 4 months and I really love her. She is awesome, super cute and makes me unbeliveable happy. She is french btw. The point is that its saturday, 6 in the morning and I‘m with my best friend in my bed watching a movie and drinking red wine. Its true, we are best friends! Nothing weird… ok maybe a little but nothing was suppose to happen this night with her. I think she feeled the same way. 


After work we had some drinks at our office. It‘s friday and thats what we usually do on a friday. We work now more than a year together. She is 3 years younger than me. We work in the same team but it took some months till we really get to know each other. She tought in the beginning that I was (not sure if I found the right word) „cramped and clenched“ ? Hope you know what I mean. And she was completely right with that haha. And on top I‘m shy, unbalanced and really grumpy. But sometimes even I have my bright moments and so we started to meet after work and drink some beer together. When you work in an office, your colleagues become often friends you spend your time with. This happened to us too. More than we could ever imagine.
 A girl from another team in our office had birthday and wanted to celebrate at her place.  We were invited too. There are about 150 people in our company and after a time you know exactly with who you can drink and enjoy the nights together. Her flat was not far from our office so we could walk. It was around nine o‘clock and we were tipsy. To have free beer at the office is something really great. The birthday girl was from the netherlands. And 2 of her friends were from netherlands too. They looked like sisters and were unbeliveable sexy. I remember exactly how they looked like. Straight blonde hair and a petite body with beautiful curves. Whatever. The party was a bit lame but I spend all the time only talking with my blonde short haired teammate. She had small breast but her ass was really perfect. She had a fresh face that radiated erotic and childish curiosity.
 I was happy that she liked me and that first time in my life I had a friend like I always dreamed of.
 I had some MDMA with me and alcohol become slowly boring. I gave it to her and first she went to the toilet and took some. After her it was my turn. After half an hour it started to work and everything feeled really good. We enjoyed the small party and the night continued as usuall….
 In the end it was 5 in the morning and we still didn‘t want to sleep. We decided to go to my place and watch a movie. We bought 2 bottles of wine on our way. We lay on my big corner sofa that is simultaneosly my bed. The movie was quite booring but she liked movies like that. I had alcohol was still drugged and smoked one cigarette after another. I was happy.
 That‘s the moment were my french girlfriend called me.   
 I didn‘t know what to say and said that she could come. My future best friend dind‘t understand the situation and told me that I have to call her back and tell her not to come. Because now we spend time together and we are still watching the movie. She was right. So I called my gf and told her that I‘m very tired and sleeped and that we should meet later this day, but for now I want to sleep. She said „okay“.. and everything seemed to be well handled.
 2 Minutes later she called me again and told me that she sits in a taxi and is on the way to my place. She has somehow a bad feeling about the situation , is really drunk and doesn‘t give a shit what I say. She needs to see me now.
 Okay that was not cool. I told it to my friend and she was completely buffled how I could tell her to leave. I explained her that she will arrive soon and that I‘m very sorry. She was really upset and mad at me. She told me ten times how stupid I am for this action. So it took her 15 min. to take her stuff, put her shoes and clothes on to leave in this cold wintermorning. She was too slow.
 We stand in my corridor and i heared that someone just walked up the stairs in my tenement. Exactly in this moment my phone rang at full volume and i was sure that she could hear that on the other side of my apartment door. My teammate looked shoked at me because she understood the situation. I gave her some handsigns that she should go in my bathroom and hide there. In this moment I answered the call. „Hello I‘m in front of your door, let me in“
 My heart leapt into my throat.
 I opened the door and we gave us a kiss. She asked me why it took me so long to open the door. I told her something that I had wet hands and wanted to dry them.
 We went in my room and she took out her coat.   
 „I need to go to the toilet“  … NO! Wait a second… I almost screamed at her.
 „Tell me first how you get here and how your evening was..! You said you came by taxi?!“
 She looked irritated at me and told me that I act weird.
 She opened the door to my room and I could heard everything what happened without seeing it.
 She opened the door and exatly in this moment the door to my flat was shut. I was not sure if they saw each other. I just sat at my desk and waited till she came back from toilet.
 I just looked silently at her when she came back. She had a cold face and said:
 „I am really drunk and tired so I will sleep now. But after I wake up tomorrow I will leave and we will never meet us again“ 

   This story is 100% true.

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