Loving Can Hurt | Too Much Love Will Kill You

4년 전

Loving really hurts

Love maybe a pure imagination of happiness
But it may also be a pure illusion
Loving can make you a better person
But loving can also make you the worst person

Too much love will kill you
That drive will pull you down
Loving really hurts people

Loving can really be a hurtful thing
A lot has experienced that tragedy
The feeling of being left and cheated
It destroys your inner desire to live

Love, ohh my goodness
That four letter word can make you smile
At the same time will make you cry
But one thing for sure, choose the right person to spend your love with :)

Did Love Also Hurt You?

Photocredit : https://wallpapercave.com

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Well written...

As Nazareth musician group say in their song more famous love hurt complete agree with you but if you loving someone you sacrify for this person.
Best regard @galberto

Loving Will Always be a big Risk, the important thing is we are Created to love and when we do it amazing things happen, we can be better persons when we are loving, we can achieve things we´ve never imagined just by the force of Love, love, love, love..

Are you enough brave to love??

Loving someone will always be painful in many ways. No one is perfect and neither is love but the moments spent with each other will scrape all those pain away.

But sometimes letting go is also the best solution, even if you really love that person. And I still believe that if it’s meant to be, it will be. Maybe it will take a while or even years but it will definitely find a way back.

P.S. Your post almost made me cry. Hahaha

today is my birthday Is there anyone who honors me?

Oh, it hurt me like hell and broke me to bits.

Emotional intelligence is important. You'll be less likely to get yourself done in by love.

It is important to note that for every benefit you get comes also risk of failing or loss. Love isn't an exemption, it can bring out the best in you but when it is lost, can be the fall of a man.

Love is like a two tail coin, head for Happiness and tail for Sorrow but it a risk if have to take because without love, the world will be lust.

yes, it's very true "LOVE HURTS"..so we should choose/ select the right person who we want to spend our time forever!

so do i, very inspirative @efrenmangubat

Love is a Trainwreck of passion.. crashing into vulnerable hearts like an 18 wheeler of pain.. Wonderful poem. It completely describes my heartache

Agree ako sayo dito kabayan. Nakamamatay talaga ang sobrang pagmamahal at minsan nakakabuang din haha

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Yes it was. And its so hurt
Any solution for cure @efrenmangubat

I think it’s wise to keep people at arm’s length.
Sometimes too much love makes bad result.

It hurts you know!!!!


Hahahaha! Love has two side- happiness and sorrow. I have tasted both in my journey in life. The latter makes me cry and have low self esteem. Thanks for this piece dear.

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love is delivery, sometimes rewarded

Wow, well said and it is true!


I agree we must balance the whole thing

Love is a beautiful thing ,patient ,kind,eternal and it does not keep a record of wrongs actually we are all created to love one other despite the short comings between people .
Lets all love one another because love is the sweetest thing we can give one another

Love. The greatest concept I know. Could be the only reason you live, and the only reason you want to die.

made me remember my first and the last love, thats actually why I am single for years.

“I fell in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.” - Dear John.

well, love have its different cycles. that's how it is. Where there is love there is life.