An unusual artist, motivated by love

2년 전

We are the ones who brag about our skills, about our intelligence, about our achievements, yet it seems that we are not the only talented creatures on this planet...

I knew that other species as well share the same emotions we do. They can feel love, affection, empathy, jealousy, they can feel happy or sad... It's really impressive to see how they respond to the world. They play, they get frightened when there’s danger, they relax when things are fine. Normal reactions that are not any different than our's...

I also knew that they can also create some real masterpieces! Their nests for example (birds', bees', wasps' nests etc) or honeycombs are beautiful.

What I could never imagine though is that a fish can create a masterpiece of love!

The Japanese puffer fish creates a masterpiece on sand only by using his fins, in order to grab a female's attention! He works 24 hours a day for a whole week to finish his work! How awesome and touching is that?



In my opinion his work is more than incredible! Look what a beautiful shape he has made... It's like a star in the sea. This pufferfish is my favourite artist... An artist motivated by love...

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What people won't do for love (or to get stoned ) :-)

How the puffer fish gets you high, zombifies you, and kills you


Oh my God!!! It seems that nature does its best to keep this artist safe and sound and we, the "clever" ones dare to eat it and die!!!

Thank you once again for sharing those interesting information!!! :))


Bon apetit :-)

Sometimes we tend to be humancentric and deny the other species the capacity to do certain things.


Exactly... Maybe most of the times...