Let's call her, Theya -- #1

4년 전

The first encounter

For privacy reasons i changed her real name to, Theya .

I get into the airplane. The long aisle of the airbus feels no longer like a highway. With a rucksack as my only luggage, I steadily walk along towards my booked seat . Everything goes as normal and i comfort myself into the chair. Next to my right 2 ladies in their seats, but i pay little to no attention .

I closed my eyes, and after 5 minutes of silence the ladies start talking to eachother as having some sort of debate (judging by the higher pitch of the tone they were using) . Suddenly it stops . A thin and cold hand, softly touches my arm.

-Where you from? Are you Australi? She asks in her broken english..

I open my eyes and i see them both starring at me, as if they were waiting for an answer .

-- My name is Elrojo! i was saying with an american accent and a grin on my face.

The girl right next to me, mentioned she's had an Australian friend many years ago, that looked very much like me. She was fond of him back then: of his long dark brown hair, wicked grin when talking, naughty long eyelashes and his eyes of a deep green with a touch of blue .

Along the flight she kept wanted to chat with me, but little attention i have given to any of them . She finally fell asleep; and comfortably done it on my shoulder .

As the plane was landing, she woke up by the turbulence created. We took our luggage out from the compartment above, and calmly waiting for the aisle to clear out . She gets close and almost as a whisper, she says:

--It's dark now, let me take you to a good place for dinner, and a place i recommend for a smooth and cheap place to sleep .

I nod my head in approval, and proceed towards leaving the plane. And as we walk by through the airport, her friend great us goodbye as she'll be waiting for her sister to come with the next plane .


We get a train and head over to the city center, while talking further on about ourselves . I was more of a listener back then, being more interested of who she is . Only recently i started to really pay attention to her. Her face was rather round, and kindly complementing her peanut shaped eyes. Medium filled pink lips made her appearance look normal; but it wasn't like that . A rather wild looking charcoal-black hair, spicy red round chicks, and the peanut-shaped eyes gave her a Mongolian medieval look .

As she was walking, a full-sleeved top was holding her slim, but rather curvy shape and i couldn't help but notice now, how, with every step she took, and inertia was applying to her filled breasts, as if they were to overflow out of her top, testing the fabric of her clothing .

As we walk, we talk and laugh about silly things and in no minute we arrive to the hotel to leave the luggage there and head over to the restaurant. At least, that was the plan. As soon as i open the room, she goes to the toilet.

--Excuse me for a moment; she kindly said . Is it okay if i have a quick shower here? I feel uncomfortable after a flight if i don't shower a bit .

--Yeah, take your time! I replied .

I lay down to the bed, turn the dim lights on and close my eyes.. In few minutes, she comes along and lays down right next to me, in a way that one of her breast settles on my arm. It felt so soft, so warm and sexy.. I looked at her and went about to kiss her, but stop in mid-air at 80% the distance, and i breathe.. She takes in my breathe, and closes the rest of the distance, slowly..

..we touch our lips, and i shape her mouth the tip of my tongue. She could not wait any longer and grabs it in between her lips. She's sucking my tongue in one go, as if she's taking in the steam from a hot cup of of lemon and honey tea.

Her eyes are ravaged.. her chicks are read, and i am cold as ice in a hot moment. I kiss the back of her ear while grabbing and pulling her hair. She moans through her throat like a hungry lioness!!

Then stops

--Icecream? she asks..

--What darling ??

-- You want me give you icecream? saying with a look in her eyes as if she was waiting for approval.

As soon as i nod my head in a positive manner, she takes off my pants and goes ahead licking, and taking the life out of me. From time to time raises up her head to lock me in her eyes. Insatiable, she's taking her share! Moans as if her hunger lasted for a long heavy hunter, and can not stop to breathe until it's all finished

With that type of energy i don't last long; it feels like a struggle for my life with every second that passes by! My toes are tensing, muscles are flexing, breathing is elevated.

I finally let go!!

Like a waterfall, a wave of energy is leaving my body, fully filling her mouth.

Arhh, such a release...

We're both exhausted and we call it a night. We both fall asleep soon after, while the dim lights still remain on..

Our consciousness has left us......

  • Lessons learnt from here..?

*if you take your time, she'll come to you
*listen more than you talk. She'll get comfortable with you. If she's comfortable, she will trust you, and will be more willing to try new things.
*don't go the full distance on a first kiss; allow her to come to you, so that she gets the feeling she has to work to get you.
*dim lights make it easier for a woman to be herself; as, if she has any insecurities, it'd be more likely she's put off by strong lights, as it will highlight more her body, and thus her insecurities.

That's all for now, and hope you have learnt something from peaking to this moment.

Something you want to share? Feel free to do so .

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Hello Theya ! Fascinating post ! Thanks for sharing it with us !


Hi @alketcecaj! Glad yo enjoyed it, and glad you like Theya. She is/was the woman i met and dated a little while ago. I am El Rojo; nice to meet you:)


Nice to meet you too :-)

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Éxito, saludos desde Venezuela.


Hola amigo! Saludos, como estan en Venezuela, todo bien?

Hey @elrojo! I am glad with your presence in Steemit. I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon!!


Thank you @free.sbd.bot . Much appreciated!