It was too obvious I was away from steemit, thanks to all who checked up on me.

2년 전

Wow it's been a while steemians and I've missed you all😉😉
Okay of late a whole lot of steemians did notice I was away from blogging on steemit.
A lot has been going at my end
I decided to take a break and give a 100% attention to those things that were a bit shaky in my life and I'm getting positive results

I missed all my folks over here and I appreciate everyone who put a call, message across to find out how I was fairing and my exact reasons for not been around.

I'm so grateful

Days ago I got so busy warming up for an aptitude test by an agency, NAFDAC to be precise.

My dear friend helped me submit my application at their headquarters in Abuja and it happened that I was called upon to write an aptitude test.
Fingers are crossed/Hoping for the best
My Dad's expectation is for me to work at a good establishment in Abuja or in the east

Well it happened that we travelled together to Abuja, it was my first official time of taking a road trip to that state and it was really a fun filled journey.

Truly Abuja is a beautiful city and been in that city lightened up a lot of things in my life.

After we successfully wrote the exams, I was so happy to greet all my colleagues who as well wrote the exams alongside with me. It was great beholding their fresh faces once again, I do miss them a whole lot.

To cut the whole story short I travelled and returned home safe and sound

Hopefully I would be warming up for more internship exams because I did apply on several establishments hoping for the best.
This is just one of the major reasons why I've been away.

I do hope I blog often after now as I miss the fun attached to it.
I miss reading my friends blog
I miss @jeaniepearls TGIF shows the most
I appreciate the @genesisproject community
I appreciate @euronation community I enjoy the engaging and meaningful messages on WhatsApp
I appreciate @goldenproject community and every other community I'm a part of.
I can't mention all the names of person's that I missed the list could be so much💖💯

I sincerely missed you all.

Thanks to you all for remaining family
Much love from your girl @eunireal1.

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Welcome back dear... Wish I could check up on you too but there was no possible way really. Glad to have you back. @eunireal1


Awwwn thanks so much dear Phait I appreciate your concern

You are welcome back, i wish u all the best


Thanks so much dearest💖💯
Hope you have been good💃💃

Welcome back. God shall grant you your hrt desires


Amen and amen
I appreciate you Sir Gimba

Good to have you back


Awwwn I appreciate you a lot

I missed you soooooo much
Welcome back 😍😍😍 sweedie @eunireal1


Awwwn look at my darling💖💯

missed you more

Welcome back love!


Awwwn see my darling Kween💖💖💖💖
Thanks dear

Glad to have you back!


Thanks dearie💖💯

it was my first official time of taking a road trip to that state

You would've gone by canoe or train though :p
Welcome back


The first time I went to Abuja was by air
My uncle took me straight from the airport to where Dad told him to lodge me, first thing in the morning I left for Adamawa state😉😉😉


My uncle took me straight from the airport to where Dad told him to lodge me

Like waybill? Okay I get it. 😂


Crazy you

You can't admit that you know I am Dad's Princess💖💯

Carry your wahala and be going Sammy

Welcome back maam


Thanks so much Sir
You have been doing so well😉😉

Welcome Back Dear


Thanks for making Euronation fun for me
You rock

Welcome back honie


I missed you and I am glad you have been carrying on well on steemit
Proud of you


Thanks swity, am following you o

Hanti welcome back


See my fine slayer Vheobong
I pride in you sis

Welcome dear


Thanks Sir😉😉

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Awwnn baby
Wish u luck in your tests

Missing your input here. I hope you are well!