A Good Courage

3개월 전

Psalm31:24 Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.


One of the virtues that attract Divine presence is a good courage and faith in God in the midst of storms. It's amazing how the Almighty God respond whenever one exercise courage in His name. Just as a father would not want to disappoint his child who boast about him among his friends, God goes out to bless,favour and deliver those that put all their trust in His name. Brethren, the world is full of evil but those whose courage is in Christ shall enjoy victory on every side. Anything or anyone can fail anytime, but God doesn't fail. He never failed before and will never never never fail. Trust Him completely.

Divine strength is bestowed on those that are courageous. Thus, one does not need to be a strong person to be courageous in Christ. This is a salient point: that even in weakness we can gather courage to move on, because we have God with us always.He's with us always, even to the end of this world. It doesn't matter what is with us now,when Jesus is there, victory is assured.

Let us not lose hope in the manifestation of God's presence that makes all things beautiful. Let us not forget His promises because of problems. Today, rekindle your hope, faith and courage in Christ Jesus. He's taking you to another realm of His presence this year.

Let's pray together. Heavenly Father. The God of our all round success and victory. We worship you in your Majesty and dominion. Today we denounce every fear and doubt, as we gather stronger courage in your name. Please help us to stay strong in you no matter the storms of life, in Jesus name. Amen. Shalom!

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