Please love me...!!

3년 전

  When you hear the word love don't think it's just between a boy and a girl... or husband and wife... It's even deeper and bigger than this...

  •  Everyone does something good for others worth the love...
  •  Everyone makes you happy deserves love...
  •  Everyone you feel comfortable and safe is worth the love.....  

 You must spread love to others. always carry love in your heart for all.... Love is a medicine for body and soul...

  •    Love preserves mental health, prevents depression and frustration, fills it with happiness, strengthens a person's relationship with others, reduces feelings of tension that hurt the body and gives a sense of joy. 
  •    Love increases the healing speed of diseases and healing wounds, strengthens the overall immunity of the body and makes its resistance to disease more likely because it stimulates the production of antibodies, and reduces the likelihood of chronic and serious diseases. 
  •    Love gives energy, vitality and activity to the body, strengthens the determination and raises the standard of living of the person, and eliminates the feeling of fatigue and stress. It increases a person's mental abilities and helps him to understand, preserve and focus, and reduces the chance of Alzheimer's infection.
  •    Love outlines the appearance of the outer  where his eyes look more glamorous, and his face looks brighter as it helps to regenerate skin cells and skin faster and gives its freshness and glow and retards the appearance of wrinkles upon it, so it preserves the eternal youth, increases the supply of the complexion and its beauty, as decreases the precipitation Hair and keep your matat.

So please love me and always carry love in your heart to others

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I love you already.
I love for you are a good man
I love you for because i see good in you.

Blessings upon blessings on u

Upvoted and following you


Thanks dear you are good so you see me good too... Thank you, I'm follow you.

I am upvoted your post becuase, I loved your vision of love, for me First I love God, what ever He created cannot believe how I enjoy that


I believe you so much ... No one in life deserves full love like God..thanks for ur word

a life without love is a trouble filled one. love others so that you can be loved too. thanks for this great post.


yes that's right ...thanks

Say it outloud and repeat

Support women around the world.


yes that's right

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شكرا للمشاركة الجميلة.
لك منا كل المحبة و التقدير :)
حصلت على تصويت من
@arabsteem curation trail !
و تم اختيار مقالتك ضمن مقالات يومية مختارة للنشر في مقالنا اليومي
يمكنك الحصول على تصويت اضافي عبر ارسال مبلغ اقله
ستيم او اسبيدي الى حساب التصويت الالي
مع رابط المقال في حقل المذكرة (memo)
مما يتيح لك الحصول على تصويت مربح بحوالي 2.5 اضعاف :)