6 Rihanna photos without makeup

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Never seen Rihanna without makeup? Wondering if she will always manage to be beautiful and sexy? Well, she certainly does look great! She is blessed with good natural looks and does not need the help of makeup to be beautiful. To prove it, here are the top 10 pictures of Rihanna without makeup delimited.

Pictures of Rihanna without makeup

1. In this pic, one can see a glimpse of its true beauty. She is wearing a loose gray t-shirt with a sling bag. She left her hair open without styling, sporting a casual chic look. His black nail polish is definitely an amazing product!

2. Rihanna looks serene and beautiful without any makeup in this pic. Her soft curls framing her face nicely. This image clearly shows that she is not afraid to go out without makeup adorning her face. She wears a dark pink top with regular denims, sporting a very casual and carefree look.

3. These photographs show Rihanna without a hint of makeup. She is dressed in a simple black tube top and black nail polish to match the overall look. She left her hair open which makes her look seductive. Her beautiful smile replaces the need for all makeup. With a beautiful complexion, the style diva does not really work very hard on her appearance.

4. In this pic, Rihanna is looking a little lost and confused. She sported a short haircut that does not look good on her. His white top, even if sexy, did not at all compliment his eyes.

5. In this picture she is back! Rihanna seems without any impregnable makeup. His curly hair framing rather perfectly his perfect face. His leather jacket definitely gives him an edgy look.

6. This picture shows Rihanna in two avatars - with and without makeup. The left peak reveals its dark side, hair and clumsy skin without life. She just looks unattractive and tired. But despite the worn appearance, you can still see that his skin is almost flawless! Her collar is a real disappointment though, making her look corny.

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o that's so weird. believe me, I didn't recognize her without makeup.