How to Understand Virgo Man

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If there is one word to define a Virgo man, then that should be "practical". He calls a cat a cat and sees things exactly as they are. He is a guy down to earth who considers hard work to be the main motto. Unnecessary effusions are not for him and he would like to stay connected to people who are not frivolous.

He hates being an emotional fool

Just because the Virgin men are reserved and demanding on their companions, that does not mean that they do not form strong bonds. He may be the perfect lover that all women desire for, but it will take a while for him to get hit. But once he is really in love with you, he will be completely in it. Governed by Mercury, The Virgins are extremely intelligent by nature. He wants his partner to have the same quality. He is the man who loves his girl for his spirit. And once he finds his partner, he will always be engaged, patient, loving and supportive. On the flip side, they can be extremely critical at times and defensive. Overall, he will be a trusted and dedicated lover.

What does not work for him

If you want it to be yours forever, then forget to leave your hair down. Night time at the local bar, crowded nightclubs, loud music are big no-nos for him. Instead, they would prefer a quiet, meditative atmosphere where they can concentrate and exercise their minds. Since they have a huge, almost insatiable thirst for knowledge, you can take it to a library, planetariums, historical sites or even book shops to gain its favor. The key is, use your brain, the part of you that a Virgo man really appreciates from a woman, to attract him. Give him a taste of your level of intelligence and share your interests. But beware! They hate swaggering! So, be smart enough to be with him without going higher.

He likes to keep things simple

Virgin men have nothing to do with the wardrobe collection and make sense of ladies, especially when it comes to choosing their partner. What is the use of rude, noisy "bimbos" if they do not match its mental wavelength? A Virgo man really appreciates a lady who dresses conservatively and carries it with momentum. Of course, the girl must have the ability to reason and think. Also, his heart has no room for hypocrisy. To attract her attention, the girl must be soft-spoken, polite and honest. He would really appreciate if a girl shows his interest in him, without '' he exaggerates. Too much attention and Lovey Dovey words could scare him a lot.

Virgo Men in Love

Even if you are in a serious and stable relationship, you may find your Virgo man sometimes taking him away from you. To keep to the interested, you must design your mind with different stimulating ideas. He should know that your mind is not idle and that he is working very hard to find certain activities that both will enjoy. Learn to share new things and have fun activities together. You may need to adjust a lot to 'fit'. Virgos, once in a relationship is totally engaged to him and tends to shape his or her partner within their personal ideology. If the potential partner does not match, then they might consider passing. They know that he is the best thing he can do to live with peace. So an unyielding woman is not for the Virgo man.

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