Not an only child



Countless times I have always wonder what it would have been like if I was an only child and sometimes I remain grateful for not being an only child. I don't know if it's just me or some other persons reason that way too and this is most especially when any of your siblings wrong you or do anything to hurt your feelings.

Growing up, I sometimes wish I had 3 to 4 siblings just cos the house chores were too much for myself and my brother or when I have issues with my brother.I wish there was a third child that would be in my corner to play with me but NO, I had only my brother and several cousins who do not stay close and just get to come around during long school vacations or festive periods.

So I grew up with my brother who till date remains my best friend.Not cos we have always been buddies but because we had no other person than just us.When we fight it takes days for us to solve our issue and this is because no one to report us to our parent.So we fight for days,make up for a day and then fight again.

All through this fighting,we remain buddies and we have each others back both at home and out of it.Who says there is nothing wonderful in having a brother and vice versa. My brother remains my champion till date cos he supports me like no other,he helps me when my feet and courage fails.

Today I saw him again after awhile because he works far away from home and my brother is not so little anymore.His smiles remains the same and he has not lost his wit in his pursuit of his happiness.

Whatever sibling you have,make sure you cherish them and appreciate them for who and what they are.Time waits for no man and tomorrow can never be predicted.Love one, love all,our siblings are our strength and one of the anchor that holds our ship.

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