Who was your first love and how did you meet ?

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Stories and scenarios about who my love story is and how I found it and where I found it. before, I want to tell you a little about love. This love is indeed very unique and complicated. And I myself never thought that I was my first love by my side. He who I think is like his own sister.

Even though I have tried to find the right person for me to make someone I love (wife / life partner), but it turns out that my soul mate has already been determined by God if I will marry the person closest to me. In fact, I consider him as a younger brother, and he also considers him as his brother.

Among us there is no "dating" name. It may be different from others, whose relationship begins with courtship and finally marries. But we don't, somehow we (me and my love) and our family agree if you become husband and wife.

I guess that's the picture of my love. This love is very complicated, sometimes it is unthinkable to us before, but it is the love and our lover.

For us, it's better to make love after marriage than to make love before marriage, in other words "Building love over marriage, and not building marriage over love".

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