His Hands by Inertia Justice

10개월 전

A gentle brush of his hand sends heat to my core.

I thirst for him my body screams MORE!!!

Touch me, hold me, claim me and don\"t let me go.

I know he knows yet he is unobtainable and so.

I attempt to make space.

To deny the truth that I hunger  for a taste...

Of his love and affection.

To be at his side evermore a reflection 

Of the warmth that sears me and will not allow me peace.

Foolishly I allow myself to bury love notes to him in my common speech.

Good morning = hello lover, how did you sleep...

How was your weekend = did you dream of me knowing into my pillow I weep.

A gentle brush of his hand sends chills down the nape of my neck.

Fairytale unions - the joining of he&me silly and yet.

It affords me some solace, some relief.

Quieting the agony that beseech...

God for clarity What is the purpose of this test.

He is forbidden if righteousness is my quest.

Why can\"t I see his faults, flaws, and shortcomings which would release me unfolding a break.

Perfection he is the yin to my yang a twin spirit and this flame keeps me awake.

Fore each time my eyes close there he stand.

Modeling the epitome of all I ever wanted 

I feel his embrace, should he ever wrap his 9arms around me - I would surly parish.

It\"s a war of the heart and my head - just one moment to concede I\"d cherish...

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