I have learned

2년 전


I decided to be the best boyfriend I could be, I told myself that I would not fail like I've done before, that I would be loyal and faithful, I would give my time, my heart and my everything.

And in the course I have learned many things,

I learned that love when it is reciprocated is the most beautiful thing that exists, and that if the two propose it, they can achieve a lot,

I learned to take care of her in good times and bad times.

I learned to focus on the positive rather than the negative side, that the past can not be erased, but that the future can be built.

I learned that love is not easy, that jealousy does not bring anything good and that the mind sometimes deceives you.

I learned to be patient, to understand that everyone is different, everyone has their way and their way of being.

What you have to know to understand your partner and that for that, communication is essential.

I learned and I'm still learning.


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