How Can One Identify A Stolen Vehicle At The Point Of Purchase?


stolen honda EOD which was being registered for the new plate number. To the 2nd owner, he bought a tokunboh car from lagos, brought it back to bayelsa and went ahead to register for d new plate number. It was dia dat FRSC discovered on dia system dat the car had been registered. Dy pulled d original information on the car nd called d phone number d car was registered with. The original owner picked and confirmed her car was stolen on 9th of september at gunpoint. Meanwhile the new owner purchased the vehicle on the 19th of september. The woman came down to bayelsa with her husband. The car, original owner and d 2nd owner were handed over to police. Kudos to the new vehicle registration scheme. The question is, hw wud one avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle. Wat r d tips or measures one shud take. Wat d signs dat shuyd raise suspicion. Ur input is needed. Anybody can fall victim

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