Today, I Have My Own Dream. May I Share It With You??

4년 전

Howdy folks,

wаnted to share something with you all.
going take one from the real Dr.'s playbook.

I have a dream,
well quite a few actually
but this one is the most important to me,
so that's where I will start this story.

I have a dream,
of a place called erf
where we can all get along
and have backyard barbaques

where we all always have what we need
and if we want something badly enough
it's not too tough to get

I have a dream
of us all getting along

black, white , asian or brown
any other skin color in the rainbow
sitting at the same table and enjoying good weather

I have a dream
of ending this silly wars
no more killing, no more fighting no more of any of that stuff ... ahh my insides are so sore

We have felt so much pain, need we feel any more?

I have a dream,
of a place where our childrens future,
is slightly more important than the way we live today

where we trust another to sleep quietly next to each other,
doors unlocked,
no need for the insurance company

You all have dreams to
and that's why we are all here together
sitting at this great round table
that I like to call space ship earth

I know it will be hard, and it's not going to get easier
but please, fucking please, can we try and treat her like our mother

Climate change is too real of a threat,
to stop messing around and disrespectin' her like that
sucking her dry, pullin oil from her womb

and that is no lie

as far as I'm aware,
peak oil production occured around 2000 somethin

and no we are all on,
a downward death spiral

like a crack addict, with no more powder in their vial

and if for some reason,
you must go on hittin that pipe,
do your best, to pay it back overnight

What if we all agreed,
to take one day of from that gas powered steed
startin with one per week,
and then maybe when we've all agreed,
we bump it up to two

the power that we have when we all work together is truly magnificent indeed
I believe in me, and I definitely believe in you all
what if we gave big baddies the bluest of balls

there is nothing I can do force you do to anything
so, let me just beg you a bit for from my own knees

all I ever wanted was a place to lay my head,
grow some vegetables and have some fun with my friends

BUT if we all don't start working together
that future is one I can't have do to excessively radical weather

so please, please, PLEASE, start to do your part,
or I'm pretty sure we all will get dead
before the start of the next century.



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This was wonderful. Thank you


con mucho amor mi amigo

Great Think:)
Most Beautiful Dream is Your Love is with you when you really need.

Thank You Very Much For Sharing This With Us. What a Post :)

"I have a dream
of ending this silly wars
no more killing, no more fighting no more of any of that stuff ... ahh my insides are so sore"

What a line!!! Especially This Line Is Just Amazing.


haha sometimes I forget to grammar properly :)


Yeah! I'm also, but it is a common part of my life... :p.. So Cheers :D

Let us help our consciousness in the place and the world


ding ding ding! great answer! take an upvote!

A lot of the hopes on this post could be possible without the entities at the top imposing resource scarcity through monopolization. The races are largely played off against one another. The black community was the first one targeted, and the damage done there clutches at the heart. I have lived in places like that, its horrifying how bad the family unit has been damaged. Some of them blame white people, who are now under the same assault along with everyone else. Soros steps in funding caravans to the US, fostering resentment between the races. Prisons foster the divide and conquer strategy, they become racially divided.

All according to plan for the elite. This has been going on a long time. Rome used hydraulic wash out mining methods and slaves. Lead production was so high in ancient Rome it was never matched again until the industrial revolution. They pit barbarian groups against one another for hundreds of years, using them as pawns. They also romanized part of subject populations, which created a rift of sorts.

I too long for the things you do.



we can do it @lostgeneration !! More and more people are waking up to the truth every day. Stay positive and keep dem vibes up! Jamannn :)

This is such a beautiful piece and it's not just because of how well written it is but also because of the genuine and important message it carries. If only the world will listen.


those with ears for listening have heard what needed to be said :)

I especially liked the bbq n the back yard part!

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haha every culture has backyard bbq's, some just call it by a different name

Let us arise in our consciousness and VIBRATE the world we wish to see! Thank you!


yes ... @hitachi ... can you make a special vibrator for me because we know those honies have a leg up on us already :) :)


Quantum Vibrator!!! BAAAA LOL @metama, that's one way to clear some Anunaki bullshite!

Thanks for sharing this!

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yes :) please share, I want to inspire others to speak the truth and follow their hearts

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We all have dreams!


yes your name leo cuz it's seem's like you da wolf of this street @jwolf :)

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Dr Martin was a great leader


yes and there are many people around the world who are preaching their truths

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In every human being there is a positive side which one don't care about the dividends of the human. Which one loves all the humans and animals in same degree. Which one always dreaming to break all the psychological chain overwhelmed our thoughts.


glad you like it @tooth-doctor

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He was a communist. No thank you.

Well written! As long as humans have dreams we can change this earth to the image that 'WE' want and not what the rich people want us to do for them :)


yes @miguelr, what is your dream?


My dream is still my child's dream: that everyone lives in peace with him-, herself and send that positive energy to others in your family and your friends. Happiness, wealth: no poverty for all ... there is enough food for the whole planet. In earlier times we got 10 kids in a family and there was no hunger. They had a farm with a vegetable and fruit garden to feed their children and even neighbors!


so much respect @miguelr ... if you taught people how to grow food, or cook different kinds I would love to read, or watch that kind of content


@metama Thanks for your good advice ! A good idea to spread the true way of living :)

What a wonderful post, truly well written my friend. The world as we know it is in real trouble, the beauty is leaving it. How can we call ourselves a compasionate species? when women and children are being murdered in their homes in conflict areas, when we destroy the natural beauty of this world and bring nothing but misery to all other inhabinats.


@cryptoguru1 there is much beauty left ... we just need to know where to look :)


Getting smaller every year though

Beautiful relexion of Martin Luther king, I love it. Here un upvote!