What is Love? From: Someone Who Hasn’t Been in the Situation

4년 전

“Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment”, well at least that’s what google says. But to every human being on earth what is it really? Can someone elaborate it more than the understandings we already have? Is it something a particular someone can excel at? Do we really know the capabilities that love can do? To answer those questions, I really don’t know. And to give you some warnings, I haven’t been in love nor have fallen in love. So it’s not that best to rely on me in having to decide on serious matters. But it wouldn’t also hurt to see what love is from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have a thing or two about the topic.

First things first, love, we all know what love is. We can look it up on a dictionary or even google it (just like what I did; see first paragraph ;) It is a feeling, it’s an emotion, it’s something we all carry, and God knows maybe even animals also did. But to describe it specifically, I think no one can. Love is something we will always have but we can never describe, something that we can never explain. It’s something that we can never figure out. It’s just there, whether we have it, rely on it or ignore it, it will always stay there. Love is something that will always exist. I’m not saying it’s a thing nor it is a living thing but we do know it’s there.

Second, Love is both underrated and overrated, not sure if something exists but what’s said is done. Underrated, why? Because we haven’t really put in on an effort to know love deeper than what we know now. Love, in my opinion is more than just a feeling than what we actually experience. I mean come on with something that makes you feel so much that you can’t put t to words, it deserves way better than just being described as “a variety of different feelings.” And now overrated because (ughh) everyone has used it to refer to almost every good things happening in their lives. We just can’t thank love or credit love for all of it you know? Love may be a strong connection but it shouldn’t get all the credit for something it clearly didn’t do.

Lastly, love is a very strong emotion we all are lucky to know and feel. We may not be fortunate at all times, but it’s something I think we all are grateful for. Seize the moment or choose to let go, so basically it is a choice. A choice we all choose at one point or at many points in our life. We may have chosen to disregard it at one point but the good thing is it will stay there until we choose to give it another try. So really, I think change isn’t the only constant in this world, love also is. So choose love but use your brain, and take your time for love will always be there. And love? Well it will always be love.

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