Love Is beautiful But Why Love Is Not Enough

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Love is a two way street. Most of the relationships that work have some level of communication. That means both people involved should be actively engaged in talking to each other, giving and receiving support, and listening to each other's feelings. If either one of you isn't engaged in this kind of conversation, it may not be a good match.

The bad news is that not all people who are in committed relationships talk enough about their feelings. The answer can be found in how the relationship gets started. If the couple has always been intimate together but they have never been close, and therefore no one talks about how much they care, how will they ever learn to open up?

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People who say they're in love with someone usually don't want to be together all the time. They want to be loved, but love isn't enough by itself. A genuine relationship starts with a real connection. These two things can't happen if you're just hanging out with each other to be together.

When there's real connection, there's accountability too. For example, if someone tells you what he or she is feeling, you don't have to assume it because you know what they're really feeling. That's a huge part of the relationship-building process.

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Many people in relationships don't have that kind of commitment or accountability. Their sense of value is always in competition with the other person's value. You don't feel as if you can trust your partner because they're always acting out and earning their own way. They become lonely, depressed, and unhappy when they have to work hard for what they have.

When a relationship becomes fake, one of the most important parts of being a real person has been lost. Real relationships begin to feel the true depth of your partner's feelings. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture; your feeling is important. If you can bring the two of you close to each other through connection, you can start to take that next step.

People usually tell you that the most beautiful thing about a person is the deep feelings that bind them together. But these are all valuable only if the person you love is sincere. If your partner has lost the connection, they'll be less able to share what they're feeling and you won't get to enjoy the beauty of your connection.

That's why the best relationships end up being the strongest. It starts with the two of you opening up, honest, and feeling strong for each other, and then maintains that connection through the good times and the bad.

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