How do you know if someone truly loves you?

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Love is subjective, and its expression differs from person to person. If you want to know if someone truly loves you, you can observe the following:

- The person will do MORE than usual for you. Whether it's simple chores or just spending time, this person will go out of his/her way to do things for you.

- The person will treat you NICE regardless of what mood you are in. This could be due to the irrationality of love or just one-sided affection this person has for you.

- The person will NOT JUDGE you by your socio-economic level or other social factors. Rich or poor, blue-collar or white-collar, these things doesn't matter to this person. What matters is only you.

- The person will send you a SIGNIFICANT number of texts, gifts and other gestures just to get your attention and to make you smile.

- On the contrary, this person will not get angry or use harsh words towards you. Instead, words of endearment will be CONSTANT.

Though, this love tends to be centered around romantic love between a man and a woman, it can also take form in other relationships, like the true love between a parent and a child.

Most importantly, this person will display these behaviors over a LONG PERIOD OF TIME. By words, by actions and by commitment. That's how you know when someone truly loves you. 

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Most times they will be their for you . So much so that it might irritate you . If you don't have patty fights because of that , you are not truly in love.

Also you need to have this all the time
It is said that you only love once.
Well you should fall in love every time you see that special one