I'll be there, as long as you stay,
The dream will go away.
Don't leave me dear, don't hurt.
When I sleep I only see you in a dream
I look for you when I'm awake.
Don't go away, forget me by increasing the distance.
Keeping the dreams out of my life ...

Love is a desire, a dream of life. Love is the dormant desire of the mind, the feeling of the heart. The world is a mysterious, mysterious human life, more mysterious than that. Everyone is always content with thirst for love. A good home means understanding relationships. If you do not understand the person you love, then love does not make sense. True love means faith. Love is a sacred bond. Love is the key to the creation of the Creator. Where there is no interest, there will be only feelings of love.

Love is the combination of two hearts, where one is immutable without the other.

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