All created by love, Love will win.

9개월 전


If you say, I'll forget.
Go away
So don't think I've lost,
The love of the past captivates the hearts
I will keep you alive forever.
Without defeating love,
I will love myself forever.

The most precious and powerful thing in the world is love. The weakest word is love. Sometimes we don't recognize it. I do not understand. Yet we are in love.That's all we do for love. Human love is eternal. Love for a loved one, love for a friend. This is the form of love.

The Self-Creator also wants praise for His love, as He loves His creation.The feeling of love is wonderful.Someone loves deeply, it is just as satisfying, as loving someone deeply is another happiness.It is not possible to express this feeling.

It is useless to compare love and wealth. Love is a feeling that cannot be substituted for anything else. Love is our heart, which cannot be touched. Again wealth is our body. Both mind and body are needed to fully manage our lives. Love is a matter of selflessness.When interest is involved, it no longer falls in love.Love can never be perfect, just as a man can never be perfect. There will be many defects in it.But to accept it is love.The love thing is not created only by attraction to each other.It involves respect, respect and trust in each other.Love is the name of seeing a person's impression of beautiful sight.It is true love to accept all the faults of another human being.

"Love is a kind of love, a man sees one woman different from another, and a woman sees one man as different from another."

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