Let's Talk: Dreams

4년 전

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Colin Powell

You damn right Mr Powell.

Magic isn’t proven real...Yet.

Magical moments on the other hand...Show just how real life can get.

Especially if you work your ass off for it.

My heroes in life aren’t all particularly famous. In essence my heroes all share one common trait.


For me perseverance is a combination of sweat, determination and hard work.

In my opinion our lives are truly lived when we are challenged and face times of adversity and hardship. It’s not WHAT we’ve experienced it’s HOW we reacted and adapted to what we have experienced.

Our lives are not based on our experiences. HELL NO!

Our lives are only based on our motivations and dreams.

If we dream small then we can and only achieve small.

If we dream big then we can achieve big.

So what happens when we dream even bigger?

What happens when our dreams become larger than life itself?

The answer to that question is simple.

Anything can happen.

As Les brown said:

“Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you miss, you'll land in the stars.”

Definitely words to live by.

I always like to punch above my weight. It strangely comforts me. I’m naturally afraid of failure so I push myself way beyond my boundaries. I can’t even begin to place a marker on my limitations.

I’m a dreamer.

My ambitions lead my desire to be the strongest version of myself.

Don’t let your dreams die.

Fight for it.

Sweat for it.

Work for it.

Live for it.

Life is awesome.

Love you all.


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People never realize how close they are to achieving their dreams once they give up. Never give up.