Smile ;)

4년 전
in love


Make the past an experience and a lesson, a running season fill out with charity and deeds, and the future should not be overly imagined.

The lost wealth can be pursued with persistence and hard work. Missing health can be recaptured with drugs, but the time lost will never get back again.

If you awaken from sleep one morning, it means you are still given the opportunity to be grateful and do good deeds until the time you sleep again.

A smile is a beautiful charity, because with alms smile, man will never feel owed anything and will not make other people feel humiliated.

Nothing is the smartest and the dumbest in the world because every clever one can be a fool and every fool can clever. Destiny is not really a matter of chance, but a matter of preference. We should not wait for fate, we should reach for it.

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