The Velvet Void

3년 전

Hours and days slip away
When I find myself wrapped in the silken purrs
Of your slumber.

In times that you roll to place your hand
Delicately on my side
Pulling me closer, almost maddened that I'm so far
I feel your ringlets on my shoulders
A warm sigh on the nape of my neck...

And everything else curls into darkness.

In this velvet void that holds our quiet moments.

When the sun sets
And you yawn, a pawing hand on my thigh
With bedroom eyes laced with calm
Embraces that entrap like tendrils.

Weaving into my arms and snaking into the very soil
Reminding me of every love for you
That has ever bloomed or flourished.

Crawling into blankets and curling into perfect shapes
No sharp edges.

Sycronized breath
Half dozing
And patters of hearts at rest.

Woven into arms and fingers

That twitch and sputter
Typing out the words of dreams
Almost like a dance.

Making Ballrooms of the sheets
As you waltz between the worlds.

Turning to trace a finger,
Brush stray curls around your ears.
Softly kissing a furrowed brow of nightmarish concern
As your lips turn

(oh so slightly
very subtle
into the smallest of tiny grins)

A muffled sound
As your strong vines pull me tighter.

Any closer and I'd pass right through.

This is the bliss.
The Cashmere Quiet.
That I find laying next to you.


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Oooh cashmere, it's a lovingly warm cover. I really enjoyed this, quite evocative and a very smooth and enjoyable read.

#thealliance #witness


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How lovely, I really enjoyed this.

Especially the quiet caress of the cashmere blankets.

Shame I only have polyester


Beautiful and flowing very calming and soothing to me

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The imagery you've created here is simply stunning @stitchybitch! I love the "The Cashmere Quiet"!!