A true Friendship And True Love Story!


A heart touching story Is here For you In our New Edition!

There Were two friends who were close friends and they were in school when they got admission in Childhood they become very close friends and the time passed both were very close to each other one day One friend went to other city the second one got very sick and when his dad know the condition of the other child he send him to the first one as well and and both were in the hostel of school they become life of each other.

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As time passed and they become adult and the one friend went to foreign country And the second one was Doing his medicine study he was going to become Medical specialist and he become a doctor soon,

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The other one who went to the foreign country he meet a girl who were studying in his university they become friends in start and with time they fall in love with each other as they were from the same city they decide that they will marry soon when they get to the country after completing study here .

But after some months the girl knows that she had cancer and she is not able to live for long time and she was not able to tell the truth to the boy she was in real love she try to hide it from the boy she was in love.

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After few week she ignoring the boy and pretending that she was in love with someone else and she just used him for money and now she is not interested in him any more that was the very sad moment for the boy but she thought that by this he will leave her and will forget her after some time but they really loved each other so much !

The time was passed and the boy was very sad and the girl left the studies and come back to her country as she was from the very rich family and she was able to get proper treatment her dad took her to the hospital and start treatment of her and she knows that there is no one take care of her anymore because doctor told her family member to not go close to her but in the hospital the other friends was a doctor this time and he was the concern doctor for this patient and he found this girl very special and he decide that he will do all the treatment of her and When she get fine he will marry her.

After few months of treatment when he knows that she is getting well she said that he loved her and he want to marry her she said that she is not able to live long and why he want to marry her the doctor said that i do not care you are patient but i love you and i want to marry you by any way.

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After Some years When the girl get well and she was able to marry there was a new twist The girl was with the doctor and the doctor tell her about his friend that his friend in foreign university and there he fall in love and girl used him and she left him forever, The girl asked about his friend name when he said his name girl was shocked and she tell him the truth that i was the girl who pretend to cheat him as i know he was really in love with me but i was not expected i will get well and i will marry him ever that's why i leave him .

Doctor decided that he will not marry her now but it was long time when they were with each other and he called his friend to come to country and he want him to meet someone, When they meet each other the doctor took him to the girl whom he was in love, When he look at her he said this is the girl who cheated me and what is she doing here!

Doctor told him all the story that she was patient and that's why she did not tell you the truth and the only matter she leave you is just for your happiness.

But the girl was not in love anymore it was long time she left the other boy and she was in love with the doctor Because doctor accepted her when she was very sick he took great care of her!

The Doctor request her that i am not going to marry you, you should marry my friend my happiness is bounded to my friend and you are his love and the friend Do not know that I am in love with you so please never ever tell him that i love you.

When the boy knows that she did not cheated her and she was loving her more he accept her and he get ready to marry her, But the girl thought that it is not possible that she cheat the Doctor as he fall in love with her when she was patient and now when she get well she is going back to the one whom she were in love.

She decide that she will tell the truth to the boy and he will decide what he want to do , She tell the truth to him about doctor and her , The friend was shocked that he is sacrificing for him So why he did Not sacrifice for him. He went back the foreign and called his doctor friend that he is not in love with the girl any more and he is not interested in her, The girl knows that he left me for his Doctor Friend and they get married to Each other!

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True love never dies, interesting thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing this!


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Very touching 😊

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