Love Can Change The Life! When Your Heart Is Pure You Can Get Everything You Desrve!

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In todays special edition we are going to share a new story with our friends!

In an old town there was a crazy guy who were living with his sister and his sister was taking care of him always and the Guy was always going here and there in the town some time he was living outside of home and after long time almost 2 3 days a week he was not coming to his home and finally her sister was sick of him he sent her to a mental hospital and her sister went to a Foreign country and she spent almost year there it was a very long time that her sister were living in foreign as they were very rich but so her sister was going to many country for her business.

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When she came back she know that her brother was discharged and he is not in the hospital when she went to hospital and ask where her brother is, she came to know that their were a nurse who took care of him and she took him to her home!

Now About the nurse that she was a daughter of a a person who were a poor person she fall in love with a guy who was not really rich but he was a simple person normal family but he dad was a very stick person.

The girl fall in love with that when she were in a college life and boy also love her but when the boy know that she is very poor she was rejected by the boy with the reason that she is not able to make his parent feel proud of him and he do not want that his family blame him for selecting such girl that she is not able to take care of family and she was broken by the boy !

The boy said that you are very poor and my mom dad will never accept you in such condition that you are so poor and we have so many complication in our relationship so please you can leave me forever!

After Few years she become a nurse and she was on job in this mental hospital as this crazy person had some feelings for the nurse and he was talking always to this nurse !

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And the crazy boy was feeling normal after few months when she was giving interest to the boy and she did his treatment and she love him so much she don't know that this crazy boy is such a rich person she just love him as a crazy person when her sister went to see his brother she saw that his brother is feeling well she shocked that how this happens the nurse told all the story and her sister insist the nurse to accept his love and become his life partners !

Moral Of The Story:

When God took something away from you which you not expect So think that he will Give you more Good thaN what you can never expect Ever As well.

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i also believe love can change the life. @storywriter


yes absolutely i am agree with you

I also believe that LOVE will heal almost every pain your soul is experiencing.

God's love is so amazing that even if we give Him a lot of reasons for Him not to love us, still, His mercy remains.

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