Real Story Part #2

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Now when the boy told the girl that he is not able to make her wife as her nature is not allowing him she don't trust !

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He make so many calls to her family that he will let them know about him but the girl force him that she will do something but she was not doing anything she was just needing that she will make time go and in last the boy will have no way to get rid and he will marry her in any way.

After 7 years the boy finally decide either he will suicide or he will tell her everything to his brothers then they will decide what they wanna do in future for him , the boy completed his education and he got a govt Job with having a great salary as well ass the girl got a fantastic Job so in Pakistan no one will ever want to leave a fiance who will have a Govt job but this was not a financial problem it was her life problem.

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As we saw that they are going to be the part of this problem the boy brothers decide that in any way they will talk to their parents and they will go and will break this relation to there family and it will be more better for them to make a solution for them and finally they make a meeting and they force his parents to understand this problem and go and talk to them regarding this problem.

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Lovely family picture :)

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