If She Doesn't Text You Back... Then She's Just Not That Into You


If you can find him, then he can find you. If he wants to find you, he will. - Greg Behrendt in He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

I've watched the movie - based on Greg Behrendt's New York times bestseller - uncountable times, but it still makes me laugh over and over again.

He's just not that into you is a fantastic life lesson. Yet, we all know that - when it comes to love affairs - it's not always easy to put theory into practice.

There's that issue with the visual field: when the heart is involved, we tend to see what we want to see - and not what's actually happening in front of our eyes.

That's why everybody should have a friend like Alex (in the movie) who translates the behavior of our target for us. My Alex is called Sandra and she does quite well :-)

Usually we're all great advisors to our best friends, but when the own heart is involved, things go wild and crazy - haha!

Here's the great relief: things are less complicated than you actually thought!


Everything is quite simple.... actually

From my own experience I can tell you that if it's supposed to be, then it will happen.

In fact I literally ran into my future partner twice.

Love at first sight sounds very dramatic, but that was actually how it all started. The relationships lasted three and almost six years, so the rocket launch even led to something amazing and solid.

This is why I can tell you from the botton of my heart:

Games are for kids, and if the person you like does like you back, then you will notice that.

One of my friends used to say that Everything in life is based on interest, and that's the very truth. We follow what attracts our attention and awakens our interest, not what leaves us indifferent.

And that doesn't only apply for relationships.

There may be exceptions from the rule - as always in life - but for a reason they're called exceptions...:-)

I've seen this a hundred times, but when she says that he eventually got hit by a cab and that this was the reason why he couldn't call her back, I still break into laughter:


If you haven't read the book or seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it.

Sometimes the truth hurts, so laughing about it makes it easier.

Also we should take into consideration that in life most things happen for a reason - and those that don't happen as well.

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. Dalai Lama

Be happy, steemians! :-)

Much love,
Marly -
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Those are great dates tips , thanks god i already married and not date any more


This got me really laughing hard. Can't wait to get married and say the same

In my experience the game continues to evolve. Unfortunately is can become a game as much as people say "I'm done with the games....etc"

One thing that I'm seeing a lot is Utilizing Snapchat and Instagram to get people following you and so instead of continually reaching out to the person you keep posting stuff about your awesome life and then you can see that they are watching your stories all of the time. Suddenly a person's social stock keeps building if they look like a fun / cool person based on those stories.

Sounds silly but suddenly all these girls I haven't talked to in months are watching these stories. If they didn't care or thought I wasn't attractive they wouldn't be watching my stuff. Then if I contact them a lot of times they get back pretty quick. It sort of changed the dynamic


That's really interesting! I bet they love your pool meetings :-))

I'm rather old school in that sense and prefer to connect in real life first, haha. I have only 120 Facebook friends - just people I really know well. So I guess I'm the exception from the rule of this new dynamic flow - lol

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point of view, Brian!
Hope you're enjoying a great weekend

Before in my younger years, I had believe, always believed at love at first sight. I presumed and assumed that your partner in life will always swoop you down off your feet in a romantic way.

But reality hurts! Life and love does not go well sometimes. In my life, base on experience, love is earned. It should never be forced or coerced. It will ultimately grow in time. And waiting does serves its purpose.

I had never thought that your partner will be your complete opposite. In that way, you both shall fill each others cup.

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Nicely put, @maquemali!
I'd pretty much agree on everything you said. Love is something that grows over time.

A friend of mine used to say - and that might be one possible key to success: It's always more important to love than to be loved.

Happy weekend of yours!


Yes it still is true! Love is a powerful tool. It makes life a little more exciting to have it around.

Have a blast weekend too!

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Your love story is dramatic, I could almost write an Oscar winning movie from it lol however you're right, thing is love comes in so many packages and perspectives, it happens in ways we never understand.
Thank you for the eye opener though. cheers!


Exactly, it shows up when we least expect it :-)
Glad you enjoyed the read and thanks for stopping by @josediccus!

Its a funny Video! From my personal experience, if you need love, work for it, be patient, don't fake it, be real, no lies, if it for you, it won't pass you by. Because, it pays to lay the foundation of love on the platform of truth.


Something outside your daily intetest...you taught me something..todayy👍

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What is the meaning of #love??

Have you seen this film "A Good Year" ?
I like this .

Nice tips.
I love that movie too

hahahaha I love that movie! Of course I am a bit of a sucker for Romantic Comedies. Serendipity is one of my favorites and Notting Hill. At any rate, I still like to believe in love at first sight, although I do think love can develop with someone who is just a friend as well. And yes if she doesn't text you back, definitely not into you. I find it funny when friends tell me, oh she is probably busy, give her time to text back. Experience tells me, when a girl likes me, she always texts back! LOL And when I like a girl I usually text back in a timely manner as well. haha. oh well gotta love the dating game.

To be very honest this has happened with me several times that I try to give super advise to others but when it comes to me then wild things happens. Seriously this damn true in my case

Usually we're all great advisors to our best friends, but when the own heart is involved, things go wild and crazy - haha!

I was a little confused about a love story happening now a days with me and you know what you have removed my confusion in a better way. Thank you so much Marly for the wonderful life lessons ;)

Right on. If the person you like does like you back, this is a miracle that we call it. :)

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The truth is simple is boring so people rather go for relationships that are hard or frustrating. The usual is usually just usual.

Buenas tardes, Excelente post. Saludos desde Venezuela hasta luego