Love v RealLove art

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It is universal, yet it divides itself on real love and love (as I like to call it youtube or mtv love).

We all felt love, but few of us felt the real one. Lucky are those ones that did. I bet they now realize the difference between love and real love.

Real love is more special. It is. If you ever removed Ego from love, you will get that real one. It is something you seeked for, not something it happened.

Don't get me wrong, it can happen all of a sudden when u expect it the least, but sooner or later you will realize you seeked for that kind of love.

Not everyone, not everyone is seeking. But hey, not everyone will know the difference and that's cool. We are different and we need to respect that.

But also, we need to give more respect to the things that are more valuable than other things or feelings we tend to respect more. (Dafuq he just said??!?!)

You know it is true. You know original is better than a copy, you know real is better than fake or even common.

Real is special and it seems like the more time is passing, real is getting more valuable and more special.

Just like some currency, if it is scarce it will give it some value. It's same with the real love. It is getting scarce since boys don't want to grow up to be a man and responsible for anything other than their Ego and masculinity.

It is the time we live in. Girls are more than ready in every moment to flash their boobs and ass to get boy's respect.

But what really happens is that girl exchanges her value for a boy's respect. It is a sex song of human females onto males. It is how we're surviving lately as a civilization.

And that's cool. If you're into cheap things, you will have a cheap experience with it. That's how it goes.

The nature balances it all and it knows that the most juciest fruit is on the top of the tree and if you want to taste it, you will need to climb up and take risks.

But if you get there, you will see a whole new look of the world and love around you. It will look different and it will feel much better. It will also take some time to get used to it, but once you get it, you won't go down to lose it nor you won't go down to taste those fruits at the bottom.

Just like anyone in sports, when you're at the top, you're not coming down nor you will be satisfied going anywhere but up, up and up.

You will do that; go up (together) or stay there. A responsible man, risking it all and taking shots from all the bees but also spreading love like a butterfly.


You will do anything to stay there. Not alone, but with someone. For your partner, for real love, for the future, for everything and anything, and then for you.

You will be in the last place. But you will be in her first place. And, that's real love.

Real eyes realize real lies..

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely

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