What if you met your first crush after 14 years?

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Do you believe miracles of relationship?
How would you feel you met your first love after 14 years?
What if the partner has different nationality and met in abroad?

Main character
KD: Main Character(Korean male, 29 years old)
Haru: Heroine(Japanese-American female, 29 years old)

Mid January of 2021.
KD went to a bar where he used to go for a sip of whisky.
It is located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam District(강남구 논현동) in Seoul, South Korea.
KD met a male Japanese engineer in that bar.
Because I was capable of speaking Japanese I had a chat with him in Japanese.

KD: Where did you live in Japan? KD asked.
Engineer: Me? I am Japanese-American. I lived in Los Angeles
KD: Which county?
Engineer: T county!

At that moment KD's brain stopped for about several seconds.
He sealed that place for about 14 years from his memory.
The sealed memory of KD went out all of a sudden and he replied
" I once lived there! Which high school are you from? "

then the Japanese engineer replied the same high school with
a girl who KD had crushed on.

"Excuse me??? Are you from that high school? Do you know the girl Haru?"

I don't know. But the name sounds a little bit familiar. Let me check!

After several minutes he showed the profile of Haru's social media.
There were some common acquaintances between him and Haru.
KD was so shocked that Haru was still living in California.
Because he thought she was an international student from Japan but she was
still living in the same place for over 14 years.

KD became confused and curious about Haru who he was seeking for about 14 years.
He found a big chance in the bar. He decided to make up the worst mistake in his life.
After KD treated several cups of wine and whisky to that engineer
he went back to his home and recall the worst memories in T county.
And also wondered whether send Direct Message to Haru.

Life is so unexpected and full of mysteries.

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