Love The Clouds Contest #56 - crimson dance


Not so usual autumn sunset I catched at St.Petersburg a few months ago. It was not too late... I was cycling back home and had no camera with me... thanks got I had my old iphone 4 who did the job bad, but it did the job! and now I have these pics...

This is my entry to 'Love the clouds' contest by @tobetada


Shame on me not to borrow the camera with me, but yes, I dont do that on everyday basis... it is a full-frame Canon 5d, with lens quite massive, not an accurate Rico GRII or Sony...


I really was considering to go home and grab the camera to shoot it properly -- i was like 7-10 minutes from home... But the sky changed drastically just in these 2-3 minutes, indicating there will be nothing of this luxury left, when I get back in 20 minutes. So, this unique cloud pattern I noticed was a very rare and timely arrival. I was happy to witness their dance... 10 minutes before it would be too early, and even 5 minutes after it was late, the sky became nothing like this. Drama? Drama! Definitely.

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thank you! it was not a great !DERANGED photo, I know, it just was a great sunset :=)
have a !BEER? its Friday!

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The aliens from planet neon have initiated a wormhole in your sector ...

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ahahahaha YESSS! ... invisible aliens... on invisible spaceship.. but the hole can be seen, they could not hide it!


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a lot of thank you! manual curation is appreciated.

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Anyway, the view is beautiful!

Все равно вид красивый!


Вид на облака -- безусловно, радует глаз! как раз поэтому не удержался и стал фотографировать уж на то чем было )) не так ж часто бывают именно такие алые облака, а застать именно эти самые 2-3-5 минут, получается крайне редко.



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