Love the clouds contest entry


Hi there fellow steemians.

So this is my very first photo in the love the clouds contest.

So as far as anyone would be concerned this is actually a shit post. Hehe enjoy them clouds guys.

It was a nice cloudy and sunny day by us it was actually a very beautiful sight.


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Great cloud photo!


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#marlians, not #marlian

what does your post has to do with the #powerhousecreatives, may I ask?..

also... I bet you better dont tag 'the shitposts', as you put it, with #oc tag -- but only your great ones, which really involve some nice content and efforts... I hope you look at it like a fruitful critic. I actually like your cloudy entry, and upvote your post. all the best!


Oh I didn't know about the oc I thought I was allowed to add that if I am creating original content.. My bad.

At clixmoney also explained to me. Honestly I thought I could just add any tag I want hey😂😂

And I don't even know what the marlian tag is all about.. But Thnx for the fruitful critic😊

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