"Thou shall not deprive your self of happiness"

2년 전

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You don't need to be so hard of yourself. Take some good times too. Face it with kindness.

I realised that life should not be taken so harshly - even if you're facing difficult scenarios, failing relationship within the family, disappointments, emotional instability and/or mental exhaustion. Try not to deprive yourself from your pursuit of happiness. As the millennial commonly says - "You Only Live Once".

True enough. This borrowed life happens only once. Live it or you'll regret it. Destiny will throw not only lemons but also rocks at you. Nevertheless, remain brave. Face the dilemmas with one courageous smile and do not be afraid to do it all the time. Do not fear anyone if you are not perfect; never feel inferior. Do not get intimidated by the criticising eyes and evil mouths that surround you. Take control of yourself for only you can make your life as happy as ever will be.

I have to admit. I sometimes prevent myself from becoming happy. I overthink - a lot. I talk to myself in the mirror and argue against myself. It's Me vs Me. Overthinking led me to creating worst possibilities that may happen in my life and end up being stressed thinking about it. I sometimes hate being so advanced in the probabilities of life because it makes me feel bad about myself. I began questioning my purpose. I arrogantly begged for Lord to come down and talk to me because I am so confused of my decisions - whether all I'm doing is the right thing or I'm just wasting time. I feel so pressured of life's lemons. I drown in my own tears while talking to Him because I know I have no right in this world to question Him and my faith.

Until I eventually stopped crying. I realised that I'm so hard of my self. I don't give myself a right to feel free. I never gave myself a chance to break-free.

So, I decided to book a night in Bahiya Resort - to calm my restless soul. I had an overnight at the place - alone. The place was so quite. People don't usually sleep there at night. Perhaps it's because of the spine-tingling peace of the surroundings during night time. I was able to meditate. And thankfully, I finally found myself. I found the answers to my unending thoughts popping every single time - "Just prepare".

Two powerful words to answer the times that I was so afraid of the world and the problems which may come unexpectedly. Just Prepare. When you're afraid to face failure and disappointments in life because your decisions wasn't right - Just Prepare. When a love one of yours will vanish because the divine entity awaits for them - Just Prepare. When you fail to take chances - Just Prepare. When it's time to choose and sacrifice one blessing - Just Prepare. When you feel so helpless because everything is falling apart - Just Prepare. When all you can do is cry because you don't know what else to do - Just Prepare.

And when you are prepared enough, you will get through it. You will pass every obstacle in life. You will take the most courageous time to smile in moments of unhappiness and misery. Take time to prepare. Take all the time in the world to prepare - because the real battlefield is the life itself. It is unpredictable. And the only way to survive is to just prepare. Grab all the weapons you need - divine intervention, positive thoughts, good relationship, happy memories, and the character of perseverance. Life may throw lemons and rocks at you - but not all the time. And while it isn't, take the time to prepare.

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All thanks to the quite place - I made it out of the noise in my own mind.

More of happiness in the future. Just don't forget to prepare - even more.

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Have you tried fighting your own self before? How were you able to manage it? Comment down below and let's talk about it.

Lovingly yours,


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