The Luciferians Own It All

2개월 전

Ask yourself why so many corporations are speaking out against Voter ID laws like the one recently passed in Georgia. After all the vast majority of Americans across the political spectrum agree that one should be required to have an ID to vote.

It makes zero sense that corporations would take this public position IF profits were there top priority. Profits aren't the priority for the people who actually own all these corporations- saving their own lives is and their willing to sacrifice an immense amount of wealth to save themselves. The good news is this illogical corporate behavior illustrates just how desperate the NWO Luciferians truly are.

Please watch my video and comment below. Thanks

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I see, you've been paying attention...
April 17, 2021... 12.3 Hollywood Time...


They soon won’t be owning squat though 😜

This was the last of about 160 videos I posted on YouTube- they permanently removed my channel a few days ago- fascist Luciferian POS