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LUCRE is the exclusive automatic trading system for Cryptocurrencies, created to surpass the strategy of using Cryptocurrencies. It was developed by a team with 8-year experience of algorithmic trading. Holding a crypto currency was not the best way to increase your wealth recently. The LUCRE algorithm was based on a non-HODL philosophy; Deal! allowing you to trade in both directions long and short. The great attractiveness of this project is the ability to generate revenues in all market conditions, buy and sell with every perceived opportunity. Even when the market goes to the south, the algorithm tries to make a profit by short-circuiting it.

Lucre Trading Algo will work on the trading platform Metatrader. Participants in the sale of tokens will receive a LCR token that will monitor Algo's performance. The price will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of Crypto's major assets traded by Algo. A participant can trade on exchanges that will list the LCR token.

The means of selling the token will be used for two main purposes:

Complete the development of LUCRE Trading Algo (full testing, adding various cryptograms, optimizing performance, and implementing automatic trading with various Crypto broker APIs when they are available and stable).

Use 40% of Token's sales funds to trade Cryptocurrencies with brokers and share profits with participants in the sale of Token. A small shoulder will be used a maximum of 3 times. Trade will be carried out in both directions for a long time and in a short time, depending on the direction of the market, discovered by LUCRE Algo. Each order has a predefined soft and hard stop loss and profit from the profit.

LUCRE is an automated algorithmic trading system based on statistical analysis of data from the last 5 years (for BTCUSD). Automatic trading, it is possible to set specific rules for both trading entries and exits which, after being programmed, can be automatically executed via a computer. After the rules are established, the algorithm monitors the market to find buying or selling opportunities based on the specifications of the trading strategy. Depending on the specific rules, as soon as the trade is entered, each order to stop the cessation of the protector, stop the trailing and the profit target will be automatically generated. In fast-moving markets, this instant entry order can mean the difference between a small loss and a catastrophic loss if the trade moves against the trader. There is a long list of advantages to having a computer monitor the market for trading opportunities and execute trades.

LUCRE is a project with the ability to generate revenues in all kinds of market conditions through buying and selling with every good opportunity. Even in a current scenario of not so profitable crypto market, Lucre attempts to make a profit by making short-term trades through its Lucre trading Algo that runs on a Metatrader trading platform. The interested investors can purchase the LCR token through the upcoming Token Sale that will track the performance of the Algorithm. The price will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of the underlying Crypto assets being traded by the Algo. A participant can trade on the exchanges which will list the LCR token.

LucreToken offer the following features:

SIGNAL SERVICE: Receive buy/sell/close alerts of high-quality and exclusive trading signals with +75% of accuracy to trade it yourself on any broker or exchange.

AUTOMATED TRADING: Fully automated system compatible with all Crypto exchanges and Forex CFD brokers to connect LUCRE with your account without need to move your funds.

TRADING POOL: LCR tokens deposited in the pool will be managed by LUCRE algorithm and trading team.

Dates and details of the ICO

If we talk about the token in more detail, it was based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). Thanks to which it will be able to provide its users not only with proper security, transparency, but also round-the-clock trading on increased terms. And this is what the founders of LUCRE want.

As for the ICO, this event lasts from October 15, 2018 and will last until December 11, 2018. At the same time, the development team assures us that if they do not collect the minimum amount of investment for the development of their project ($1.6 million), they will return all invested funds to their investors. What I can not but rejoice.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:

Token details :

 Total Token supply: 12 500 000 LCR

Available for Purchase: 10 000 000 LCR

Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain

Minimum Raise: $ 2 000 000

Maximum Raise: $ 7 000 000

80% of the tokens was allocated to the participants (10 000 000 LCR)

14% for developers and company reserves (1 750 000 LCR)

3% for rewarding advisors (375 000 LCR)

3% is used on Bounty program and marketing (375 000 LCR)

Token Pre Sale Period: 15th Oct 2018 (30 days).

Token Main Sale Period: 14th Nov 2018 (4 weeks).

Investment info

Min. investment: 0.1 ETH

Accepting: ETH

Distributed in ICO: 80%

Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 7,000,000 USD


The LUCRE project is a new generation platform for cryptocurrency trading. The project creators have already developed and successfully tested trading algorithms. A team with 8 years of experience is working on the project, which has been able to automate crypto-trading completely, eliminating the influence of the psychological factor. The platform offers traders unique services, including setting up an alert system, automated cryptocurrency trading and the ability to work through a trading pool (tokens deposited in the pool are controlled by the main LUCRE algorithms and the project team).

The development of the project began in August 2010 and currently the beta version of the project on the blockchain platform has been successfully tested. By the end of next year, the platform will be available in full functionality.



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