Triple your Sbd by playing Ludo Star King game, Rules.

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What is Ludo Star King ?

Ludo star King is a game that was once played by legends and now it can be enjoyed by us. While the Ludo game might seem simple at first, the Ludo game is immensely enjoyable and challenging. You will be playing this Ludo for hours and its fun for you. Try to beat your opponents and compete for the highest scores on the Ludo leaderboards. Ludo King is a perfect time pass game of Ludo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet.

INSTALL : iPhone/iPad or Android

💥 Rules for P2P :

Install the LUDO STAR game .

Interested person massage on our Discord Channel - "I want to play!"

After I confirm, you have to send the "entry fee" to @ihtasham with the memo - "Ludo Star King Entry Fee!"

Next, I'll send you the "room code" to join and play.

You'll be rewarded double for "P2P" of your entry fee if and only if you win the match.

💥 Rules for a TOURNAMENT :

A LUDO STAR KING TOURNAMENT is a match, where you have to play with three opposite players. Here, you can make your SBD/STEEM triple.

Install the LUDO STAR KING game .

Join our Discord Channel.

Host will ask on our Discord Channel at a pre-decided time - "Let's have a tournament!"

Interested persons'll reply - "I'm interested!"

At least three persons should be interested to play for a tournament .

Next, interested persons will decide the entry fee. (Minimum - 0.3 SBD/STEEM & Maximum - 3 SBD/STEEM)

Every decided player send the decided entry fee to @ihtasham with the memo - "Ludo Star King Entry Fee!"

After receiving all the entry fees, host will send the room code in DM to join & play.

You'll be rewarded triple of your entry fee if and only if you become the first winner.

💥 Please Note :

Once you join the game you can't leave it. Your internet is your responsibility. If the game stars without the host command, it'll be cancelled. As soon as possible.

Minimum entry fee is 0.3 SBD/STEEM & maximum entry fee is 1 SBD/STEEM.

Room will be cancelled if anyone fail to join.

We treat SBD=STEEM.

Joining our Discord Channel is must.


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