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Lunyr Header

In my last article I introduced a wonderful platform called Lunyr. Lunyr is a decentralized hub/repository that aims to function as a database for knowledge. Think Wikipedia on the blockchain.

Knowledge is Power and as the popular saying goes, we never stop learning till we die. SO why not learn from the best? The quality of life can be influenced by unique knowledge available to us.

What separates you from your favourite billionaire or the inventor you admire? Knowledge. Lunyr has created an ecosystem or community where brilliant minds can contribute accurate and reliable information which will be vetted by their peers and added to a global repository that anyone can access from anywhere in the world.

Lunyr believes in simplicity and has therefore rolled out some features that will make contribution easy.

First, let's take a look at the new homepage

Lunyr Home Page

Lunyr has also integrated a new feed system to allow you to see updates and latest feeds from the accounts you follow or subscribe to.

Lunyr Home Feed

Lunyr has also modified the home page to make the display more aesthetic. See the new Menu Roll

Lunyr menu Roll

Lunyr is making great strides in this thoughtful application of blockchain technology. The immutable nature of the blockchain will allow knowledge to be preserved forever and will only serve to make the world a better place.

Lunyr also offers many features such as Plagiarism Detection, Random Peer Review Selection and Gas Reimbursement Status. Authors can now perform Citations, Predictive Search and Tagging.

Lunyr offers access to its platform via mobile (Android and Ios) and PC.

Lunyr Mobile and PC

According to this Lunyr announcement they support a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese(Mandarin) and German.

Lunyr Choose Language

You can now go ahead and select the Client that bests suits you and start writing. In the next article, we will discuss the custom token of the Lunyr ecosystem and its reward mechanism.

If you'd like to learn more about the Lunyr platform, share your feedback, or have any other inquiries, reach out to the team at support@lunyr.com
You can also talk to Lunyr representatives on any of their social media accounts;

Lunyr Twitter | Lunyr Reddit | Lunyr Facebook | Lunyr Medium | Lunyr Discord | Lunyr Telegram

You can also Sign up for the Lunyr newsletter


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Hi @ulqu3

You've compared Lunyr to Wikipedia and I was just wondering how does Wikipedia manage to cover it's expenses? What is their business model and what would be Lunyr business model. any idea?



Hello @crypto.piotr,
Wikipedia is a non profit organisation so they get most of their money from donations. They also have a Wikipedia store of sorts.

According to this site readers donate an average of $60milliom yearly.

Lunyr will be using a business model similar to steemit I suppose. Other readers/peers will approve of your contribution (like upvotes on steemit) and your valuable input will be rewarded.

I suppose the major difference is that Lunyr cannot be shutdown/influenced by government because it's decentralised.