Introducing LUNYR - The Future Of Knowledge Sharing

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Introducing LUNYR - The Future Of Knowledge Sharing


It's June 2019 and the world seems poised to enter a new era of the financial revolution. With every passing day, we see cryptocurrency drawing closer to legitimate acceptance and validity as a store of value. The uses also vary. From digital gold (Bitcoin) to smart contracts, to custom tokens and even gaming rewards, there seems to be no limit to the versatility of cryptocurrency.


A good innovation is using cryptocurrency to reward valuable content and contribution. Think of a Wikipedia, Github or Quora where authors and contributors can be tipped or rewarded for their valuable input.

Information is a very valuable commodity this computer age and it's only right that those who go the extra mile to keep up informed be rewarded for their efforts. This in turn promotes and encourages a progressive community as users strive to further develop the shared knowledge-base.

Just when you thought cryptocurrency couldn't offer any more benefits huh?

Lunyr (pronounced "lunar") is an Ethereum-based knowledge-hive community that aims to build a broad and boundless repository of reliable and accurate information that is decentralized and available to everyone. Lunyr plans to incentivize contributions by rewarding users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and their valuable input.

Lunyr also plans to utilize this repository of knowledge in advanced fields such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.

Lunyr launched their Beta Platform on January 30, 2018, and have since added many features.

Now, Lunyr is pretty straight-forward to use. Users can submit an informative article and just like Steemit, you get rewarded by the community.

Here's a short preview of how the platform works

You can also download the Lunyr desktop clients and install them for better integration. Lunyr supports popular operating systems.
Download Lunyr Clent for Mac OS
Download Lunyr Client for Windows OS
Download Lunyr Client for Linux (.AppImage)
Download Lunyr Client for Linux (.deb)

lunyr download OS client.png

Unlike most crypto platforms, Lunyr is developing multiple language support (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, etc.) to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a global censorship-resistant, decentralized knowledge base.

Information/data that is submitted into the knowledge-base will be stored using IPFS to promote a decentralized environment. Contributors will also be required to peer-review other submissions. This will help to counter-act bad actors and prevent the addition of false information or spam.

Since it is a decentralized platform, all content that has been contributed may be freely redistributed, reused, and built upon by anyone. However, plagiarism is not accepted. Users who make submissions on Lunyr must cite their sources so that peer reviewers can inspect and validate referenced material.


The custom token of the Lunyr platform is the LUN token. LUN is used to power the ecosystem as well as stimulate activity. LUN can be used to place ads on the platform. They function as part of the incentive system to drive contribution and peer review. The LUN token is an ERC-20 token.


The Lunyr team is a group of professionals with a large collective of skills ranging from expertise in blockchain technology, software engineering, finance, to communications and marketing.

If you'd like to learn more about the Lunyr platform, share your feedback, or have any other inquiries, reach out to the team at
You can also talk to Lunyr representatives on any of their social media accounts;

Lunyr Twitter | Lunyr Reddit | Lunyr Facebook | Lunyr Medium | Lunyr Discord | Lunyr Telegram

You can also Sign up for the Lunyr newsletter


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