The stunner from my fleet - Princess 61

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When I started my yacht charter company I had only couple of small sailing yachts under my fleet. I was young and inexperienced to handle big yachts. But then I told myself that nothing is too big or small, all I need is to put my 100% effort.

So that’s what I did and got this baby under my fleet.


She is built in UK by the yachting giants “Princess Group”. Princess Yachts are considered to be the Rolls Royce on water. They are sleek, spacious, luxurious & fitted with all the best gadgets.


I in particular got the Princess 61 under my fleet. The 60 footer beast with 3 bedrooms, a luxurious galley and lounge and spacious fly bridge.


She was the Queen if the harbor back then. The best yacht to charter in the Mumbai (India) Harbor.


I remember hosting amazing parties. Wine & champagne flowing non stop. The guest always had a wonderful time on her. With music blasting and delicious hot starters being served.


I always believe that everything was perfect and went smoothly and the full credit goes to my staff. Having a good skipper and deckhands is very important for any yacht owner or charter company.


Now we have over 28 yachts in Mumbai but she remains one of my most beautiful yacht ever.


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