9개월 전

I love Acronyms, they say so much for such a short thing:
"kamal harris as VP? Yeah, RIGHT!

So, Joe Biden chose his running mate? Having been from California I am truthfully and fully aware of Kamal Harris.(sorry, "Kamala”). This is the AG from CA who wanted to jail the parents of Truant children. Does ANYONE honestly believe that she would be a good VP? This is the BITCH who refused to obey a FEDERAL COURT ORDR to release “Non-Violent” prisoners from prison. Her response should tell it all; “Where are we supposed to get our free labor for the work they do and to fight forest fires?” She couldn’t care one whit for the American People.
If you think she would be good for the Country, then you better go back to school and learn how to read about policies. Mitch, out"

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