Who is the Terrorist now? Hmmmm

10개월 전

Okay, I just gotta do this, “3%” at least they are NOT cowards. I have never had an interaction with this group but from what I can see, on the surface, they most certainly are not cowards. Parts of the Drumpf administration call these folks “Terrorists” which is misleading in itself. Part of “Terrorism” has to do with hiding your identity in order to spark “fear of the unknown” by denying the victims identification. While I disagree with some of what gets said, and what is said about them, I got to give them respect for showing people WHO they are, their faces are right out there in front of you.

The Three Percenters are so named for the dubious historical claim that only three percent of American colonists took up arms in the Revolutionary War. Now, I don’t know about that part as It seems that there would have been a much higher percentage than 3% fighting simply due to there being less people here. As mentioned above, Terrorists deny their victims their identity while causing the victims grief. Sounds kind of like what the Trump administration is doing RIGHT NOW doesn’t it? So, WHO is the terrorist in this case?

It has been said and in print that “From a security standpoint the Three Percenters are probably among the most worrisome groups … it is not whether there will be a right-wing attack, it is when”. This coming from the dictatorial administration that is sending troops into cities like Portland, Or. without having any markings or identification and KIDNAPPING American citizens right off the streets for doing NOTHING.

So, going by current events, Who is and Who isn’t the terrorist? Personally, I believe the megalomaniacal Orange Gnome is the Terrorist in Charge, not the Oil Riggers who like to shoot rifles.

© Mitchell 2020-07-22

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