Built in Screen Sharing Application on Mac

4년 전
in mac

I spent some time looking into applications for screen sharing. The goal is to provide more detailed programming tips. I found that Acrobat has a prebuilt application in Mac. See demonstration.

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Looks like it is great to use screen recording softwares on ios.....quick time player....lovely

You got a 78.95% upvote from @inciter courtesy of @jjcali!

Screen sharing is a great achievement in the modern world.Screen sharing software enables a team to join and collaborate from the comfort and convenience of their desk, alleviating the crowding and personnel limits of a conference room.

Nice demonstration, well done. I did not know Acrobat had this feature.

A couple others I can recommend are Skype, and OBS. Both are free!

Thanks for the info.

My brother just fixed the computer 200km away and it's the best thing there is :D .